Thursday, February 3, 2011

MiMi's Birthday

On Sunday we went to Memphis to celebrate MiMi's birthday. The whole gang met up at Daniel and Laura's house to party. :)

Ellington enjoyed sitting on this little stool while she ate her snack!

Sweet cousin picture!
(This cracked me up when I looked back at our pictures.  We had 3 takes of this photo.  In the first one Ellington was screaming and in the last one Brody was screaming.  Good thing we caught one in the middle!)

We all enjoyed supper at Carrabba's. 

One word:  Delicious!

MiMi and Big Bob

Ellington and Uncle Jake

Ellington helped MiMi read her birthday card.

I LOVE this picture of Connor, MiMi, and Ellington smelling the flower we gave her!

We took a group picture that had everyone in it, but I don't have it on my camera.  Maybe I can get it from someone else and post it later!  Because regardless of what my pictures show Robert, Daniel, Laura, Brad, Julie, and I were there too! :) 


  1. What cute pictures! And I love all the updates! We took a group picture with my camera, but we took it to get it fixed. As soon as we get it back, I'll download them on my computer and email it to you! That way we will have proof that the rest of us were there! haha

  2. oh, e's outfit is too cute!!! love it! looks like a fun birthday celebration for MiMi!