Monday, February 14, 2011


Let's see...where did I last leave off??  Oh yeah, it was Thursday morning and Ellington and I were enjoying a wonderful, cozy snow day at home together.  After nap things turned south pretty quickly. :(  It was obvious that Ellington did NOT feel good and was running a temp.  In fact, I was cooking and Ellington just layed on Robert.  Ellington doesn't just lay.  So we knew she wasn't feeling well at all.  Poor girl.

At supper Ellington fell asleep in my lap.  Again, never ever happens.  Her temperature was 102.5.  After supper we put her in her pjs and let her watch a DVD and she feel asleep again.  So, the poor girl ended up going to bed about 6:00 (an hour and a half earlier than usual). 

About 11 pm Ellington threw up in her bed. :(  That was definitely the most disgusting parenting task (or any kind of task for that matter!) that I have ever had to deal with.  The ENT told us that if Ellington didn't improve or got worse he wanted to see her again because if she is sick/running a fever she can't get her tubes in.  So I called the doctor's office about 7:40 Friday morning and they told me they could only see me if I came immediately so Ellington and I jumped in the car.  I signed in and they took us right back and we got to see the doctor immediately (what a blessing!).  As it turns out she also has tonsillitis.  So, she got a antibiotic shot and was prescribed a stronger antibiotic.  The doctor recommend that she stay out of school until after her surgery so that she doesn't pick anything else up because her immune system is currently so low.  So that definitely sent me into a tailspin about trying to figure out what we would do with her so I could continue to work as much as possible.  (I have already used all of my vacation and sick leave for the whole school year.) 

The picture below was taken Friday afternoon.  The shot kicked in and helped SO much!  Also, the green ball that we bought while waiting on our prescription helped too. :)

On Saturday we got a real treat!  Reagan came to spend the day with us.  It was nice to see another face and Ellington really enjoyed having someone so fun to play with!

We let Reagan choose where she wanted to go for supper and we went to Little Dooey's.  It was delicious as always.  I think our family picture is really sweet, although a little blurry!

On Sunday I went to church and Robert stayed at home with Ellington.  Here they are watching Elmo on my phone (kids these days!):

On Sunday afternoon Ellington and I went to Philadelphia. Ellington is going to stay with my parents for a couple of days. I was SOOOOO worried about leaving her because of her being sick and so clingy to me, but word is that she's doing great and having so much fun!!! This has been sort of a wild ride and I will be SO glad when she gets her tubes in on the 23rd. Hopefully it will make a big difference!

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  1. love the new post! i really love when my picture makes it:) i had so much fun saturday and I am glad i got to spend some more time with y'all sunday night and this morning with E! Getting my dose of the connerely's this week!