Monday, October 3, 2011

Ellington is Two! {Birthday Morning}

Sunday was Ellington's 2nd birthday and we had a little breakfast party for her.  I used the highchair banner and Happy Birthday banner from her 1st birthday party.  Robert went to Wal-Mart Sunday night and got his awesome balloon and some princess plates.  She LOVES the Disney princesses, although she's never seen any of the movies. :)   

We tried to sing "Happy Birthday" and get her to blow out the candles.  It didn't go as planned. :)  She started throwing a fit to open her gift.  I hope this doesn't happen at her birthday party!!!

Her princess birthday card plays music and she LOVES it!  I think that was some of the best money I have ever spent!  She's still playing with it.

A few months ago I saw lots of cute Mickey and Minnie toys at Wal-Mart, but when I went recently they had NONE.  Thankfully the other day I stumbled across a clearance isle and they had ONE Minnie toy left.  Ellington LOVES LOVES LOVES this Minnie.  It's pretty much all she's played with since Sunday morning.  

Giving Minnie kisses :)

Ready for church in her birthday dress!

Sunday afternoon coming soon...

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  1. happy 2 whole years to ellington!!! i could eat her up in those super striped jammies. she's such a beauty! i love the birthday bunting... so cute.