Friday, October 7, 2011

One of the Big Kids

Every year at First Methodist the 4 year old classes take a field trip to the Buffalo Park in Tupelo.  Tuesday was the day for us to go!  I decided to take Ellington for several reasons....1) We were leaving at 7:30 and getting back at 1:30 and her class is only 8:30-12:30.  I didn't want to ask my mom to keep her because she has to keep her on Monday when we have training.  2) Ellington is very well behaved for her age.  3) She loves animals.  4) All nine of my kids had parents sign up to go on the field trip so no one would need my complete attention.  I wouldn't have taken her if I had a lot of kids without parents there, but as it turns out....everyone went!  In retrospect I probably would not have taken her. :)  Here are the pictures from our day!

This was the last time for quite awhile that Ellington was standing on her own 2 feet.  The animals were quite up close and personal (only separated by a chain length fence) and Ellington was scared of them.  So, I carried my almost 30 pound child plus a backpack through the whole animal area.  I got quite a workout!!!  Also, there were no trees for shade so we were in the direct sunlight most of the time.  Fun times. :)

The most impressive thing at the Buffalo Park was one of the giraffes.  They have the tallest giraffe in captivity.  And ya'll, he is TALL.  The picture doesn't do it justice AT ALL.  He literally took my breath away!

This was me the whole time....whew!  I was also trying to keep our whole group semi together and be the "fun teacher" who chats with the kids.  Ha!

After we walked through the animals we got on this bus to ride out to see the buffalo. 
That whole ordeal was kind of stressful for several reasons....I ended up not even taking a picture of the buffalo!

After the bus ride we had a picnic lunch.  This helped Ellington's mood tremendously!  Hooray!  After lunch we had a little play time.

After lunch we drove over to the pumpkin patch.  Everyone got to take a pumpkin home!

I have NEVER been so tired as I was Tuesday least not in a long long time.  Trying to balance being the mom and being a teacher was quite a challenge. It was a good idea in theory, but a little harder in real life!  I went to bed Tuesday night at 8:30 and was still draggggging the next day.  This week has been quite the whirlwind as we're also getting ready for Ellington's birthday party.  Some weeks are just like that though!  Yesterday morning we had Ellington's school birthday party and her 2 year well check.  Of coming soon! :)

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