Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Strawberry and a Cheerleader

This past weekend was Pumpkinpalooza in Starkville.  We were super excited about it because we had so much fun last year!  In fact, Reagan enjoyed it so much last year that she came again this year.  I had to work until 5:30 on Friday, so Robert, Reagan, Ellington, and our good friends the Sullivans got us a table at Old Venice.  They ordered and I walked down after all of the kids (& teachers!) had left for the day.  From the second I walked into the restaurant I knew that this year would be much different at Pumpkinpalooza!  The restaurant was pretty packed.....last year we had it  practically all to ourselves!  They really promoted the event this year so there were a TON more people there.  I meant have Reagan take a picture of us with the Sullivans, but we were trying to quickly hurry outside for the pep rally at 6:00.  We didn't stay too long at Pumpkinpalooza.  Like I said, it was very crowded and not a whole lot for Ellington to do.  The big activity is trick-or-treating at the businesses, but since E doesn't eat candy (and her parents don't need it!), we didn't do that.  And I am certainly not putting her in a jumper with a bunch of six year olds!  It was fun, but not quite like last year. :)

Ellington and her buddy, baby Wade

Our strawberry girl!

By FAR her favorite thing to do was playing in the hay in the pumpkin area.  If it hadn't been so crowded I would have let her play in it all night!  She loved it!

When we went to the Downtown Block Party several weeks ago we tried to get a picture with Bully several times and it didn't quite work out.  She would say she wanted to....we would get close....and then she would say no.  She was doing that again at Pumpkinpalooza.  Here she is trying to work up her confidence....

And she did it!!!  I am actually surprised that I got one with her looking at the camera because she kept just staring at him and laughing hysterically!  She was so proud too!

On Saturday we had a morning football game.  Ellington was ready to cheer on the Bulldogs from our house!

I just had to take the picture below because I was so amazed with Ellington's creativity!  She put her cup under this basket and said it was "locked" and she needed her "keys".  She proceeded to use different objects and toys to unlock her cup.  She would say, "No, not work" and look for something else.  Finally this balloon from her birthday worked and she unlocked her cup!  Hooray!  :)  I was sooooo proud that she came up with that game all by herself!

I didn't get a single picture of Reagan while she was here!!!  The picture below is from her phone.  We had supper Saturday night at The Grill and had the best time together!!!

Now that it's Thursday I am finally caught up through last weekend. :)  On our agenda for shopping.  I am making chili and banana chocolate chip bread today.  Delicious!  I'll try to post the recipes soon! 


  1. I love the strawberry costume. That's a great family picture and with Bully. I like your green pillow. And your last statement almost sounded like the bread was chili and banana!

  2. Love it. Loved the weekend! I, too, was at first grossed out by your chili and chocolate chip banana bread. :)

    Love yoooouuu.

  3. What fun!!! You picked the most perfect costume for your girl... She looks like the most beautiful strawberry ever! I'd pick her. ; )