Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This and That

This post is going to be a little all over the place.  First, I will talk about the weather.  Exciting, right??!!  So, it got sooo cold today.  Well, it feels cold when you've been sweating for months on end.  I suppose come March a day like today will feel like the brink of Spring.  I LOVE fall and took a few pictures of some of our fall decorations today.  It's definitely nothing fancy, but I bet my 60 year old self will LOVE looking back on what her little life looked like at 26.

Our family of pumpkins :)

I started to sweep before I took the picture, but then I decided the leaves everywhere made it look more like fall!

As I was taking pictures, Ellington requested that I take a picture of her hotdog.  Funny story about her shirt... I needed to do her laundry today so I took off what she wore to school (that had paint on it from doing artwork).  I decided to put some sweatpants on her and this tshirt.  Admittedly, she rarely goes without wearing a nice outfit.  So, the fact that she was dressed like this was kind of unusual.  When she saw this tshirt she said, "Oooooohhhhh FANCY!"  Ha!  She was so excited to wear this "fancy" shirt!

She LOVES playing in her new princess tent that Uncle Jake gave her!

I meant to include this picture in her birthday post, but I forgot.  The morning after her party I finally woke her up at 9:00!  Usually when I have to wake Ellington up, the second I open her door (letting light into her room), she wakes up.  The morning after her party not only did she not wake up, but I took a picture (with the flash) and she continued to sleep soundly.  She was TIRED!

I am SO excited that tomorrow is Thursday and we get to stay at home!!!  Last week the director and the other office worker were out of the office most of the week so I worked 25 hours extra, on top of my usual M-W mornings.  17 of those hours were on Thursday and Friday.  I was EXHAUSTED after last week!  I am so happy that we can sleep late and just take our time.  I usually do all of our laundry on Thursday or Friday morning when I am at home, but I did it ALL and put it away today so that I don't have to do it on our mornings off! 


  1. I love the picture of her asleep with lion. So sweet....and she was tuckered out. She had played so hard on Saturday. She had to catch up on her beauty sleep.

  2. I love that she loves lion. :)