Friday, October 7, 2011

School Party

Thursday we had Ellington's school birthday party.  I wanted to do it on a day that I could be there (so, not M-W).  I had originally planned to do it on Friday and then I remembered that we had Ellington's 2 year well visit at 9:45 on Thursday morning.  So rather than having to get up and get ready in a reasonable manner on Thursday AND Friday (because who wants to do that??!!), I decided we would do the party followed by the doctor's visit on Thursday so that Friday morning could be more laid back at home.  And honestly...I almost didn't do the school party at all.  I know, terrible Mama.  I have been to many a preschool room birthday party and it's always more for the parents than the kids.  Most kids aren't even that excited about it.  We had a crazy week and I knew she would never know the difference.  I decided to just go ahead and do it anyway and I am SO GLAD I did!  Ellington was loving it!!!!

The birthday girl!
Mrs. Tiffany is so great that all I had to do is show up with food.  She did everything else!

We brought muffins and strawberries.  Ellington ate 4 muffins!!!  Ha!  I think she liked them!

Some of her little friends. :)  The little girl on the left with the pink bow is Mrs. Tiffany's little girl.  She is in the class one step older than E's, but she stayed for the party!

Ellington loved having "Happy Birthday" sung to her.

Clapping after we sang :)

Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Tiffany
We love her teachers SO MUCH!!!

What a fun party!!!  I can't believe I almost didn't do it!  Three of the other kids there were in my class last year.  It was good to see them too.  They kept looking at me like, "Hey!  I know you!". 

After the party we went to West Point for her check-up.  He said she is doing great and we got an appointment for next year.  I can't believe she is old enough that we only go once a year now!  I told Ellington that it was our goal to not be back until next October.  Yeah right!  Wouldn't that be awesome??!!


  1. CUTE!!!! And I LOVE that adorable outfit ;)

  2. I love that outfit too! ;) Great party-can't wait to see the post from the REAL party!