Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favorites {Peanut Butter}

I grew up in a house of peanut butter lovers.  Like, I am pretty sure that my mom, brother, and sister ate it almost every day.  In fact, maybe every day.  Me?  not so much.  I mean, I liked it ok, but not as much as they did.  I have ALWAYS loved a peanut butter/chocolate combination (Reese's anyone?).  I am not a big candy person, but I can not turn down Reese's.  All of that being said, lately I have been OBSESSED with peanut butter.  Like really, really obsessed.  At our house, it's Jif or nothing else.  Delicious.  If I'm having a sandwich, I must have crunchy, but if I'm having crackers, apple, etc. I use smooth.  I am trying to eat mostly no carbs right now (I say "mostly" because I cheat a lot and pb and apples have carbs in them so it's not like I am not eating carbs) so I haven't had as many sandwiches lately (so sad), but I have apples and pb almost every day for lunch.  DIVINE.  Recently we heard in the news that due to poor peanut crops (or some such), that pb prices were going to my dear and precious husband bought a whole ton of it before that happened.  Ha!  Even if the prices don't skyrocket we are totally set.  Also, if there's an ice storm we won't go hungry!

So, on this Friday I say cheers for peanut butter!!!

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  1. Yes, I have peanut butter nearly every morning. And there have been time I ate it twice a day. Don't know if I should admit it or not, but on a few rare occasions (generally if I was home by myself) I have had it three time. Not very often, but every now and then.