Monday, October 17, 2011

Ellington's Party!

On October 8th we had Ellington's 2nd birthday party!  We just had a family party, but it's still plenty big!  Including us, we had 15 adults and 4 children.  We had a GREAT time!!!  Here are a ton of pictures from the party...

The front door sign

Some of the food and the precious cake!  I LOVED how it turned out!

The backyard!
We borrowed the jumper from Ellington's friend Riley and it made the party!  Ellington was in HEAVEN!

Welcome to my party!

Emerson was sick the whole week before the party and until Saturday morning we thought they weren't going to be able to come.  We were so happy that he was feeling up to it!

Jumping with Connor & Brody

For supper we had:  hamburgers, hotdogs, hashbrown casserole, baked beans, chips & dip, lemon squres, and of course cake and icecream!

Ellington loved having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her!


I made a video of Ellington's 2nd year.  Robert and I are probably the only ones who enjoy watching it, but it's one of my favorite things!

I don't have many pictures of opening presents because mine didn't turn out, but these are a couple that my mom took.  

Pappaw loves playing the harmonica and he gave Ellington one.  She's actually REALLY good at it!


We had such a wonderful time celebrating Ellington and we are so thankful for everyone who came to help us celebrate!  I enjoyed her party SO much more this year.  Last year I just put way too much pressure on myself to make it special and I ended up just being stressed out.  This year, I tried so hard to just chill out and it was soooo wonderful!


  1. It was the cutest party for a perfect little girl. You did a great job Lane!

  2. I keep saying, "We had such a good time, didn't we?" I think Dad is tired of answering. And Ellington had a ball.

  3. I love the decorations and everything! Looks like fun!

  4. Absolutely adorable!!!!! I SO may be copying you and having Annie a Minnie Mouse party in February! I've been so town about what to do, but this may be it! Please inbox me and tell me where you got the cake.

  5. Truly fabulous photos from Ellington's Party. This Disney theme is every kid’s favorite. I totally loved how this arty turned out to be. Even my toddler’s birthday is coming and I want to host a face painting themed party for the kids at an amazing event venue. I’ll hire a team of popular face painters which use safe colors for kids.