Thursday, December 8, 2011


Tuesday was my birthday. My 27th to be more specific. Every time someone mentioned by birthday Ellington would say it was her birthday.  If you said, "No, Ellington, it's not your birthday" she was BURST into tears.  So we pretty much let her think it was her birthday too.  I think she's a little young to understand the whole birthday thing.
I had several sweet teachers that I work with give me little happys and a few of the teachers I worked with last year took me to lunch. I am really blessed to work with such great people! The plan for Tuesday night was that I would pick somewhere for Robert, E, and me to eat. I really was just unsure of what I wanted to do. On top of that, it was cold and rainy. So, I decided I wanted to have a pizza party next to the Christmas tree! We put down a blanket and turned on a Christmas cartoon. It was PERFECT!!!

 Our self portrait :)

The view!

We also got cupcakes and cookies to celebrate! Ellington got a Christmas tree cookie.  She LOVED it of course!

I picked out this Reese's cupcake.  Divine!

What a perfect night!

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