Thursday, December 29, 2011

Big Bob & MiMi's {Christmas 2011}

On Thursday evening we arrived at Big Bob and MiMi's house in Brownsville. Brad, Julie, Connor, and Brody were already there waiting on us. Ellington was so happy to see her cousins. Every time on Thursday when we talked about where we were going she would say, "Maybe Connor be there?" and I would say "Yes, Connor will be there"...she would throw her hands up in the air and cheer! :) 

Ellington is ALL about hats these days.  She was delighted to find this one at Big Bob & MiMi's!!!

The house all lit up!

Thursday night we all drove out to a house that was MASSIVELY decorated for Christmas and then went to Diary Queen for icecream.  It was a fun start to our stay!

Friday morning got started off right....with donuts!  :)  And the hat of course!

Ellington used markers for the first time and was in heaven!

Ellington & Connor helped Big Bob decorate the gumdrop tree.

Daniel and Laura arrived on Friday around lunch.  Ellington played her first game of Candyland.  

The girls started a puzzle.  We FINALLY got the edges done, but I don't think the puzzle got any farther (at least not while we were there).  It was a HARD one!!!

We opened presents on Friday night!  We got so many great gifts and we are so thankful for them!

We were pretty lazy on Christmas Eve.  :)  In fact, the picture below is the only picture I took during the day.  I think they were watching a Christmas movie.

Sweet cousins after the Christmas Eve service.  All three did great in church!

After church we went back to Big Bob and MiMi's for a big supper!  Unfortunately in the picture below you can't see Connor or Brody, but they were there!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas in Brownsville.  We started the drive back to Starkville about 9:30pm and pulled our driveway about 12:45 am.  We were soooo tired, but we had to get ready for Christmas morning! :)


  1. your pictures look so pretty! enjoying your new camera? i'm sure! : )

    my kids got markers, too. the color wonder kind - phew! ; )

    glad you had a lovely Christmas, my dear!

  2. Great picture taking, Lane! I'm so impressed! I think I took maybe two. Love the picture of Robert and Ellington when we were opening pictures! And the one of me with my favorite niece and one of my favorite nephews! I need to make a copy of that! And don't worry, you didn't miss anything on the puzzle- we made 0 progress, haha! A wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing!