Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Another} New Tradition

Last night Ellington and I met the rest of my family in Canton, MS to visit their Christmas lights on the square. I hadn't ever been before (and I don't think anyone else had either...but I could be wrong about that).  It was absolutely FANTASTIC and will definitely be a new tradition!  The weather was perfect...we didn't even need jackets!!!  It was all so beautiful and Ellington LOVED it all.  Below is a TON of pictures.  I took over 150. :)  Also, there was Christmas music playing, so imagine that while you are looking at the pictures!

This picture is of E when she first got a glimpse of the lights and the rides!  Soooo excited!!!  She just kept squealing!

It was hard to ever get a picture of her looking at the camera because she was so busy looking around!

One of my absolute favorite parts were the window displays.  They were awesome and mostly old fashioned.  This one had moving parts that Ellington loved.


Reagan met us earlier in the evening to drive us to Canton from Flowood. I don't drive on interstates.  Like for real, I really don't...ever.  So, she was sweet enough to drive us from where we were shopping to where we were meeting everyone else.  Thanks Reagan. :)

While we waited on Grams, Pop, Bryant, LeAnna, and Emerson to get there Ellington just kept staring at the merry-go-round and asking to ride. So sweet.  And yes, she was still squealing at this point.

This was Emerson's face the whole time.  I guess he was just trying to take it all in!

The courthouse on the square

There was a little bit of dancing :)

Bless her soul.  She finally got to ride!

She also got to ride a car...

and the train!

Do you think she liked the train ride?

After we got done with the three rides we all walked around the outside of the square so that we could look at the window displays.  It was beautiful!

After we made it all the way around, we walked around the inside of the square to see the lights up close.  I took E's picture with the music note because a show she likes has turned her into quite the musical girl.  She knows composer names and can pick out what instruments are playing in songs on the radio!

Despite several attempts we never got a good one...

Every girl needs a sister :)

What a fantastic night!  I definitely hope it becomes a new tradition!  When E and I were talking about it at breakfast this morning she was smiling as big as she was last night when she was there.  So precious.  I love such fun Christmas memories!  Maybe next year Robert can go too. 


  1. Count me in for next year. It was a great evening. Love the pictures.

  2. Loved the evening and loved the post!

  3. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family! Have a wonderful Christmas!