Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Build-A-Bear (or a Cat!) {Christmas 2011}

We're back for our whirlwind Christmas!  I have declared today a pajama day at our house and Ellington and I will be playing with her new toys all day long! :)  This is the first of several Christmas posts.  It will take me awhile to get it all done, but I will get there!  We headed to Tennessee on Thursday and made a stop by the mall in Memphis so that Ellington could make a Build-A-Bear.  We wanted to let her make one this Christmas season and that is when it worked out best to do it.  We didn't tell her what we were doing until we got there.  She wasn't really sure what we were doing, but she was excited!

Ellington chose a cat to make.  I was actually really happy they had one she liked because earlier that day she randomly started saying she wanted a cat for Christmas.  It was random because we didn't really ask her about what she wanted for Christmas because I didn't think she would understand that and we didn't want to put the focus on what she would be getting at Christmas.  Anyway, I felt slightly bad that the one thing she did ask for, I didn't have for her.  But thankfully, she got her cat anyway!

She pushed the peddle to fluff it up,

gave it a heart,

gave it a bath,

and added a Santa hat and bells!

We then worked on the cat's "birth" certificate. :)  We decided to name the cat Jingle. 

Needless to say, Ellington LOVED Jingle!!!

After making Jingle we headed to Brownsville!

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