Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas in the Kitchen

This weekend we started yet another new Christmas tradition!  We spent a lot of time in the kitchen and made Christmas cookies!  Robert headed this project up for us.  His family makes cookies every year and I must say that I never have.  So, this was his little project and he did a great job!  Ellington was in heaven and LOVED every second of it.  It was definitely worth the mess. :)  We started the project on Saturday afternoon and finished it up on Sunday.  I found E's precious Christmas apron at Hobby Lobby for half off!  I took a ton of pictures of course.  Here are a few...

I love that I caught them smiling at each other!

We did the icing on Sunday.

Can you guess which ones Ellington did? :)

Clearly I got really dressed up for the occasion.  :)  You can't see, but I also have on pajama pants.  Ellington still has on her church outfit because after church she didn't want to change.  She kept saying she just wanted to wear her wear it she did!

Also while doing the cookies on Sunday afternoon, I made Monkey Munch (also called White Trash) to give to my teacher friends.  I made two batches.  I clearly didn't use enough powdered sugar on the first batch, but it was still yummy!

The official cookie taste tester!

I used a free printable I found online to make treat bags for the Monkey Munch.  I made them for the teachers on my hall (3 and 4 yr. old rooms), the ladies who cook, and 2 other ladies I have worked with before.  There are about twice as many other people who work at FUMC that I didn't make any for.  There are just too many people!!!  We also took special nice gifts to Ellington's two teachers.  Ellington loved delivering the gifts today!

This weekend was a blast and Ellington loved making cookies soooo much!  At one point she and I were icing a bell cookie and she started loudly singing Jingle Bells.  I started tearing up because it was truly one of the best moments ever.  Christmas time with a 2 year old is FUN.


  1. Awww....So very sweet. You even made me tear up a little. Can't wait to see you all.

  2. I love reading about your traditions. Gives me ideas for the future.