Thursday, December 29, 2011

Morning at Home {Christmas 2011}

We always spend Christmas morning at our house.  So, that's where we were come Christmas morning!  I guess I should pause here and explain how we "do" Santa.  We have Santa decorations, books about Santa, and Ellington has Santa clothes.  We don't hate Santa.  He's a great, fun character but that's all he his for us....just a character.  We'll teach Ellington that it's a pretend story and that Mommy and Daddy bring her gifts.  Just like we love Mickey and Minnie...but they aren't real.  I struggled A LOT last year about gifts and Santa.  After much deliberation that's what we decided to do.  One of the great things about being a parent is that outside of Biblical right and wrong whatever you choose to do for your family is ok for your family.  Co-sleeping vs. not, sugar vs. none, television vs. none, etc. etc.  The list goes on and on.  If you completely forbid everything about Santa....that's totally cool.  If you embrace all things Santa and leave reindeer food and light your driveway so his sleigh can see where to land...that's cool too!  There are two main reasons we decided not to fully "do" Santa.  The first is that I want Ellington to obey us because God has commanded her to obey her parents.  It's that simple.  She should not obey because of Santa.  The second reason is that I feel like I am a part of a generation who feels completely entitled to SOOOO many things.  I include myself in that group.  When you can make requests to a man who will just magically deliver things to you, I think that can play into feeling like you can just get whatever you want.  So, for better or for worse that is our decision. :)  And like I said, whatever works best for your family is ok too!  We also decided to do three surprise gifts under the tree (like Santa gifts, but from us).  We chose to do three to keep the number reasonable and to reiterate that the Wisemen brought three gifts to baby Jesus.  We also did her stocking and she had about 4 wrapped presents under the tree.  Robert and I haven't been able to afford to get each other gifts the last two years.  This year we still couldn't do gifts, but we did decide to do stockings for each other and it was SO fun.  We rarely buy gifts for each other so it was a fun way to show our love! :)  I have rambled on forever.  Here are the pictures!

"Finally!  A microphone!  Now I won't have to use that hotdog anymore!"

Christmas morning breakfast :)
Remember how I said in the previous post she loves hats??!!  This hat came with her new apron.  Of course, she loves it!

And the Christmas adventures stop....Philadelphia!


  1. I remember another little girl that liked hats, too.

  2. She is too cute!!!! I really can't get over that little pink Dyson....I have the big one and my kids would flip over a little one I actually let them play with :)

    I also like your way of doing Santa. Similar, yet different to my little family's way. Aaaand, I'm a bit jealous of waking up at your own house on Christmas morning. That is my secret dream but it's never.gonna.happen.

  3. I love these pictures. You can see the excitement all over her face. One question (because I'm exploring how I want to address "santa") Were the opened presents from you or Santa?

  4. What sweet pictures! I think my favorite is her face with the microphone! I'm so glad you found one, I never could find another one after I saw that broken one I told you about. What a fun morning!