Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Morning

Until this year I would have told you, "We don't really do Santa".  I think these pictures will tell you the updated version of the story:

Christmas Eve-

Christmas Morning-

Ha!  It looks like Santa came!  :)  Initially we weren't going to do Santa because we didn't want our kids to be so focused on Santa or think gifts just came from nowhere and you could get whatever you want.  I could go on and on about why we weren't going to do Santa.  But then?  This year?  This sweet little 4 year old girl started talking about Santa and asking about Santa.  And ya'll, I couldn't tell her "Oh, well Santa isn't real".  We didn't talk about Santa a ton and I DEFINITELY didn't use it as a disciple technique (you know...behave because Santa is watching and he won't bring presents if you are bad) but Ellington was so excited about Santa coming and leaving surprises in her stocking.  We put out cookies and milk as well as reindeer food.  It was fun and exciting.  I am glad we went back on our original decision.  Childhood is so short and I think the magic of Santa is a sweet, special thing. :)

Finley's first Christmas morning!  She was the first one up!

The only thing Ellington asked for was a stuffed unicorn.  It was the first thing she ran to and she was SO EXCITED!

Robert snapped this (I don't even remember him doing it) and I love it.  

Ellington kept saying "I can't believe I got a stuffed unicorn.  I can't believe I got what I asked for!"  Love it!

I was so excited about giving her a jewelry box with a twirling ballerina!

What a FUN morning!

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  1. Let me try this again. I think the "problem" with Santa is that so many people go overboard. Santa is part of the magic of Christmas. It's hard to balance it.

    I love these precious pictures.