Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Happenings - Part 2

On Tuesday of last week we had our Christmas program at school.  Tuesday isn't normally a school day for us (we go MWF), but I wanted Ellington and the other kids in my class to be able to be in the program if they wanted to.  Only four kids in my class came (including Ellington), but I am glad that they got to do it even though it wasn't our school day!  All of the kids did a great job!  

On the morning of the program our electricity went off around 5 am.  Right before that I had been up with Finley so I had been up since about 4.  Once the electricity went off I went to the couch because Ellington is VERY afraid of the dark.  I knew if she woke up and her nightlights weren't on that she would freak out and I wanted to be close by so I could hear her.  Sure enough, she did.  I never got back to sleep.  So, I was up for the day at 4 a.m.  Yikes!  When we got back to the house after the program (after 11) the electricity was still off.  After hanging out at home for a bit we made a random, last minute decision and went to Tuscaloosa to finish up a little Christmas shopping.  The girls did great!  It was a crazy day but we had so much fun together!  I should also add that Tuesdays are Robert's day off so he was with us.  I definitely wouldn't have attempted it alone!  

Ya'll, this girl has my whole heart.  She is so smiley and precious!

I call the picture below "We survived".  Saturdays are really hard for me.  Robert works and for some reason it's 100 times harder being at home alone with the girls on a Saturday than any other day.  Just knowing it is Saturday makes is crazy hard.  I don't know how to explain it and I am not even going to try, but just know it's hard.  This past Saturday was by far one of the worst I have ever had.  I think most of it was mental (the girls weren't bad or anything!) but I was overwhelmed, exhausted, etc.  I was sooooo happy when Robert got home!

Finley tried out her exersaucer for the first time over the weekend.  She seemed to like it a lot but her feet didn't touch all of the way so we'll probably hold off for awhile longer.  I feel like it's probably uncomfortable/not good for her to just be kind of hanging there!  I bought this one "used" from someone but it looks like it was never even touched!

Robert and Ellington were busy in the kitchen this weekend!  Ellington LOVES being a little helper...especially when her duties include sprinkles!

She is really growing up!


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