Thursday, December 5, 2013

Robert's Birthday and Special Visitors

We had such a fun day the day before Thanksgiving!  It was Robert's birthday and we had some special visitors!  Tuesday is normally Robert's day off but a guy he works with switched with him so that he could have his birthday off on Wednesday and then he was also off for Thanksgiving on we got two days in a row with him!

Reagan, Bryant, and Emerson came from Ridgeland to hang out with us for the day.  They got here about lunchtime.  We enjoyed lunch together and then Ellington presented Robert with his birthday gift.  Ummm...this year is his gift was a homemade card. Thankfully he still loves us.  When money is tight Mama and Daddy don't get gifts. :)

She wrote "Daddy" on the card.  So precious.  For some reason she currently writes her "A" with a line straight down the middle instead of across.  

We all went to Mississippi State's basketball game.  It was so fun all going together!

After the game we came back for birthday cake!  I didn't get a good picture of the other decorations but we went to Walmart and E picked out Superman decorations all by herself.  She also picked out his cake.  She loooooved doing it and honestly, it was more for her than it was for him! :)

It was also a big night because Finley got her first taste of baby food.  I really wanted to wait until she was six months old but I realized I wanted that more because it is the "in" thing and I felt like it would make me a better Mama...rather than doing it because it was the best thing for my child.  She had shown several cues that she was more than ready so we gave it a try!  We decided to start with sweet potatoes.

She was kind of unsure but she definitely didn't hate it or cry!  She hasn't really eaten much since then (and that night she only swallowed a tiny bit) but we have at least kind of started the process.

I LOVE these two and was sooooo glad that they came to visit us!  We also put them to work while they were here.  (Oops!  Sorry guys!)  Bryant hung pictures for us and Reagan worked on my Thanksgiving table set up.  I am so thankful for them!

These two had the BEST time together.  They played and played and played!  It was so funny...they just stayed in Ellington's room with the door closed as happy as can be!  Emerson needs to come keep Ellington entertained more often!

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