Saturday, December 7, 2013

Decking the Halls

Robert had to work on Black Friday and since he works where we get our Christmas tree, we just swung by and picked it up real quick.  This was definitely our most anti-climatic tree buying experience but that's ok!  Robert chose a couple when they came off the truck and had them ready for us to pick from.  They tied the one Ellington chose to the top of the Explorer and we were on our way!

We decided to go a little bit smaller this year.  When Ellington saw the two trees that we were going to decide between she wasn't too thrilled that it wasn't as big as last year. :)  

Robert was off Saturday morning!  Yay!!!  We stayed at home in our pjs and decorated for Christmas!

We started off with cinnamon rolls.  We had to fuel up for the big day! Ellington wanted Daddy to sit at her little table with her.

Ellington drank a tiny bit of chocolate milk (she normally only drinks water).  She wanted me to take a picture of her milk mustache!  She was so proud!

We bought this toy on clearance after Christmas last year.  It was a fun surprise for Ellington!

Ellington was sooooo excited to decorate the tree!

After being at home in our pajamas all day, we decided to get dressed up and go out to dinner together.  It was a fun family date night! 

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