Friday, December 20, 2013

December Happenings - Part 3

On Sunday night before driving to look at Christmas lights, I tried to get another picture of the girls in their reindeer pjs.  This was the best I could get!  Ellington is in kind of a weird picture taking stage.  It's REALLY hard to get a good one of her lately.  I have to work for it!

After baths on Sunday we put on our pajamas and headed out to look at Christmas lights!  We went to a neighborhood that we hadn't ever been to before for Christmas lights.  One night every Christmas they put out white bags with candles in them along the street.  So pretty!

We decided this house should win the "best decorated" award! :)

On Monday night we had our small group Christmas party.  It's always so much fun!

All of our kids!!!
On the couch- Mason, his big brother Wade, Vivi, Thomas, his little brother Parker, Ellington, and her little sister Finley :)
On the floor- Jack and Henry

All of the kids (minus the three little babies) exchanged names for gifts!

Ellington was soooooo excited to get Lambie from Henry!

On Tuesday Robert and Ellington made Christmas cookies.  

They also had a little help from Finley :)

We've been busy busy but are loving this special time of year with our girls!

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