Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Happenings

Before December began I told Robert that we really needed to be intentional with our time or it would just fly by.  And well, it's just flying by!  I cannot believe it's almost Christmas Day!  We are busy busy busy right now trying to get everything done.  Our last day of school is Friday but that's the day we also leave to go out of town.  When we "leave for Christmas" to me....that means Christmas is HERE.  This year is a little harder because I don't have a single down day between school ending and Christmas beginning...so we're trying to get everything all squeezed in!  

Before I had kids I remember thinking "It's too bad that Christmas won't be as much fun as when I was a kid" but honestly?!...I think Christmas is MORE fun as a parent!  I LOOOOOVE being with my girls during Christmas!  I love Ellington's excitement (and I know it will be that way with Finley one day too).  She just adores everything about the season!

We recently watched the Polar Express together as a family.  Robert brought a mattress in the living room and we had the best time.  It was cozy and fun!

Ellington is enjoying her nativity again this year.

I celebrated my 29th birthday on December 6th.  We did our annual pizza picnic by the Christmas tree!
I hate that this picture turned out blurry, but I sure do love my girls!

We also recently celebrated Emerson' 3rd birthday.  Robert had to work the day of the party so I had to take both girls to Ridgeland by myself.  It was my first "big" thing to do alone.  I was a little nervous about 4 hrs. in the car with the girls but they did great!

Before the party we hung out at Reagan's new house for a little bit.  Ellington got to meet her new cat, Madge, and she was in LOVE!

Grams, Pop, and Pappaw also came by.

Emerson's party was at a jumpy place.  Ellington was in HEAVEN.  I don't think she stopped the whole time we were there.  She had the best time!!!

The birthday boy!

More Christmas fun to come!

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  1. I like how the picture with Madge turned out. ;) Loved this post!