Sunday, December 15, 2013

Finley {5 Months}

Finley, you turned FIVE MONTHS old on December 2nd!  Where is the time going?!

What are you up to at 5 months old?

You wear size 6 months clothes and a size 3 diaper.

You nurse on demand but you are definitely more able to wait a little longer in between and are able to be distracted by other things.  

You usually take two short morning naps and a long afternoon nap, but it doesn't always happen that way.

You looooove smiling at Mama, Daddy, and Ellington

You haven't developed stranger anxiety like Ellington had at this point.  I am hoping it stays that way! :)

You wake up all.night.long.

You are a very happy baby for the most part!  You get the most fussy when you are sleepy.

You have tried a little bit of baby food (sweet potatoes and apples) but you aren't really into eating it.  You have only had teeny tiny amounts just a few times.

You still love your baby swing and still hate your carseat. 

You love looking at the Christmas tree!

You have the most PRECIOUS laugh that we have ever heard!

You can pass toys back and forth between your hands and are starting to reach for them (rather than us just putting them in your hands!)

You don't like to snuggle.  Just like Ellington you struggle to hold yourself up at all times.  No snuggles for Mama and Daddy. :(

You are slobbering alllll the time.  Teething maybe?

We love you little Finley and we are SO happy that you are part of our family!

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