Tuesday, March 2, 2010

5 Months

Ellington is now 5 months old!

Ellington, what are you up to at 5 months?

  • You are 15 lbs 3oz.
  • You wear 3-6 month clothes, but you are about to be too long for your footie pjs
  • You are smiling more and more
  • You still sleep in your miracle blanket, but you are about to outgrow it (Mommy & Daddy are worried about you trying to sleep without it!)
  • You usually have 5 bottles a day, one during the night, and eat rice cereal/baby food twice a day
  • You do not like to be left alone, even for a second
  • You cried for the first time recently when we left you in the nursery at church
  • You love chewing on your fingers
  • You LOVE for us to sing to you!!!
  • You are getting better at grasping objects for short periods of time
  • You sleep 11-12 hours at night (usually getting up once to eat) and take 3 naps a day
  • You love bananas and sweat potatoes
  • You hate green beans and peas
  • You still do really well in the car and you are getting more patient at red lights (most of the time)
  • You do NOT like sunlight getting in your eyes


  1. She is such a sweetie. Can't wait for some Ellington time. She won't even remember who we are because it has been so long since we spent any time with her. After next week I will have more time and I think Uncle Windell will start working about on a regular basis!! Yippee

  2. Where did you get all these onesies telling how many months old she is? It's so cute!!!! You have really got an inner scrapbooking goddess...you have got to come to my house one Saturday and let her out!