Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sping is Here!

Hooray for warmer weather and beautiful days! We are soooo glad that Spring is finally here! Tuesday we set out for a walk on a gorgeous morning. One of the many blessings of staying at home with Ellington is that we can take advantage of such wonderful weather!

Gus loves going on walks too! He has learned the hard way that he can't walk right in front of the stroller or he'll get run over. Well, I don't know if he's really learned it. He forgets often!

I LOVE this tree in front of our house and I get so excited every year when it is covered in purple blooms. I just looked out the window and it probably now has twice as many blooms!

Here's another beautiful tree in our front yard.

I think our days in the swing are numbered, but sometime she still seems to enjoy it!

Ellington wanted to help Daddy do a little work.

Slobber much?


  1. Oh, my. She definitely has the slobber thing down pat!

  2. Hi Lane! I am so glad you found my blog. Ellington is absolutely adorable! How have you been! I am sure you are a wonderful mom. :)