Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday

So, I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday St. Patrick's Day Edition. It was going to be super cute. However, my camera and computer have failed me. Therefor, you get no cute pictures of my sweet baby wearing green. I am really frustrated with the computer right now. When I insert my camera card, the computer always automatically imports the new pictures that have been taken. I don't know if everyone's is this way....but you can't choose which pictures to import, it just does the new ones. My card got taken to Wal-Mart and put in the machines there. I guess once you do something like that when you reinsert it into the computer it thinks ALL of the pictures are new. I have over 800 on my card so it wanted to import all of them. I don't want all of them. I only want like 8. So anyway, Robert and I tried to get around that somehow and got nowhere. Bummer.
Happy St. Patrick's Day and maybe I'll get those pictures on here at some point!!!


  1. Oh, no!!! Did I mess things up? Geez, I am so sorry if I am the reason you are having problems...Maybe you could add them all and then delete duplicates...if a picture is already on my computer, the computer will ask if I want another copy...hhhmmmm....I am sorry....

  2. cheers to noisemakers! : ) so sorry you didn't get the pics of your lil gorgeous gal in green! boo hoo. i'm certain that she looked so darn cute!