Friday, March 26, 2010

This Can't Be Good

You might be thinking, "Oh that's so sweet. Ellington is alseep in her swing." Around here we are thinking, "Oh no...she really doesn't feel good!"

Ellington doesn't just fall asleep in her swing. She's not that kind of baby. She wants to be left alone in her own bed to get her beauty rest. Our sweet girl is not feeling good at all today! She doesn't really fall asleep in our arms either. Ever. Yesterday I could only get her to sleep while I was holding her. She slept for about an hour, woke up and cried for quite awhile, and went back to sleep for about another hour. Poor baby. We'll be visiting the doctor this afternoon. Well, the swing nap is over...I've got to go!

***Update: We went to the doctor's office because of cold/allergy symptoms and it turns out Ellington has a double ear infection. Poor baby!


  1. Poor baby. I hope the meds will kick in real quick and give her and you some relief.

  2. so sorry i missed this on friday! poor baby girl! double ear infections are the pits. i hope she is better and that the meds are working quickly!