Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Visit to Philadelphia

This past weekend Robert went out of town so Ellington and I headed to Philadelphia to spend some time with GiGi, Pop, Reagan, and Pappaw. It had actually been awhile since we had been there-we went there a lot when she was really small! This time was definitely different though. It was the first time that she has REALLY showed preference in being with me rather than someone else. It's soooo sweet that she loves me that much, but I want others to be able to enjoy her as well! I know it's just a phase though and she'll eventually grow out of it.

Playing with Pop

Reagan cooked a delicious supper for us Friday night! She worked so hard and did a great job. She was in the kitchen for 4 hours from start to clean up! I am pretty sure I've never been in the kitchen that long.

Ellington was happy in the swing about long enough for me to fix my plate. She much preferred to be at the table with everyone else!

We had a great weekend! Thanks for having us GiGi and Pop!


  1. I've missed you being on here, too. And I am looking forward to Ellington outgrowing her phase. We'll hang in there until she does!

  2. although you don't want it to last forever - it really makes you feel so special when your baby only wants you! i loved it. but, thank goodness, it doesn't last forever. mama's need a break once in a while!

  3. I had no idea y'all were in town this weekend. Sorry we missed you.