Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Weekend

Here is Ellington on Saturday morning, you can tell she was already feeling MUCH better by then.

When did my baby get so big? I think she's been on a serious growth spurt lately. Every time Robert and I look at her we talk about how much she's grown! I think she even wakes up from her naps bigger.

Below you will see the task I have been putting off for awhile. That pile of clothes has been laying in that exact position for a couple of weeks.

My plans were to take them right out of the closet (well a small armoire...our house has REALLY small closets so I use the one in our room and Robert uses the one in E's room) and put them in the storage container. However, when I started pulling them out it made me all teary eyed because I didn't want to pack them away. In that stack is the outfit she wore when we got our Christmas tree, the dress she wore on Thanksgiving, and a thousand more little memories of day to day. Normally I am not at all sentimental like that, but with the clothes I was. Saturday morning I felt like getting stuff accomplished so I tackled the pile, with a little help from a sweet little girl.

Unfortunately that was just 0-3 month stuff and I'm about to have to do it all over again with 3-6 month clothes!

We had been planning on going to the baseball game on Saturday, but with Ellington being sick we knew we wouldn't be able to go. On Friday my dad called and said that he had some extra tickets and offered for us to go with him and Pappaw and my mom would stay with Ellington. I said, sign me up! I really needed a break and even though I hadn't been feeling great (allergy stuff) I jumped at the chance. Saturday when we left for the game Ellington was sleeping. I wasn't sure how she would do when she woke up and I wasn't there since she didn't do so great without me last weekend. Well, she woke up and was fine for a little bit, but then realized I wasn't there and made her feelings known!!! We had to leave the game early, but I didn't mind...I don't want my baby to be so upset. When we got back to the house she REACHED FOR ME for the first time! Sooooo sweet. I don't know if I will be getting a break from her anytime soon. :)

By Sunday I was really quite sick so we stayed home from church. I knew if we went I would probably end up in the nursery with Ellington anyway and didn't want to be sick around all of the other babies! Robert did a great job of taking care of both of us!

So that was our weekend! I am feeling much better, as is Ellington. I will leave you with one more picture of our girl!

(I think she is smiling so big because she thought I looked ridiculous with a breathe right strip on my nose. Have you ever used one when you are congested??? If you haven't you SHOULD!!! Just don't go out in public! I used them last year when I was sick. I was pregnant at the time so I couldn't take much medicine. They work GREAT!)

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