Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ellington's New Ride

My favorite thing on my baby registry was a precious umbrella stroller. I loved it more than a person should love a stroller. As my due date neared I realized that this stroller was out of stock! I was really upset that sweet Ellington wouldn't have the stroller I loved so much. I have since checked back frequently, hoping that they would get another stock as Spring neared...and sure enough, they did! Wednesday we let Ellington go for her first little stroll in it. It came in especially handy later that night when Robert was at class and Ellington was REALLY fussy. We just walked up and down our driveway in it! I probably wouldn't have gone to the trouble of getting the big stroller out for such a sort period of time so the new stroller worked great!

I am so happy to have my cute stroller, but I am even more happy about the sweet girl who gets to ride in it!

1 comment:

  1. such a cute stroller for your cutie pie! adorable! so glad you were able to finally get it. i have a new double stroller (haven't used it yet - #2 will arrive in 2 mos or less) that i adore! i know what you mean about loving a stroller more than you should! : ) happy weekend to you!