Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Few Days in Philadelphia

The bad part about blogging so long after something has happened is that you forget....a lot.  I have these pictures from a couple of days we spent in Philadelphia but I am not sure of any details.  Ha!  Maybe it was during Spring Break?!  I really have no clue.  Robert wasn't there so I am thinking it must have been during the week...so it must have been Spring Break.  But really...I don't remember!  It looks like we had fun nonetheless! 

Ellington was so proud that her dress matched the car.

Grams got out a strainer and pipe cleaners for Ellington.  Needless to say, she loved the activity!

Pappaw came by for a visit.  He loves that Finley will let him hold her more than Ellington ever would!

Dad had a TON of limbs in the yard that needed to be picked up.  Ellington looooved helping him.  I was shocked by how much she enjoyed it!  She felt like such a big helper and loved spending one-on-one time with Pop!

I thought she would mainly pick up the smaller sticks but no!!!  She didn't care what size it was...she would try her hardest to get it herself!

There you have it...our mystery days at Pop and Grams' house! :)

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