Friday, July 4, 2014

Last Small Group in Starkville

Our small group was so special to us when we were in Starkville!  They are the people who prayed for us, who we shared parenting advice with, who we hung out with, who we LAUGHED with, who brought us yummy food after Finley was born, etc. We are so thankful for each of them!  The last small group gathering we attended was one with the kids at the Sullivans house.  The kids always loooove playing in the Sullivans back yard!  I took my camera meaning to take more pictures (especially of the adults!) but for some reason I didn't take many. :(  To all of ya'll that are reading this...we love you and miss you!!!

Ha. Poor Parker!  I don't think he wanted me to take his picture. :)  Finley and Parker were born six days apart!

The next few pictures don't have anything to do with our small group, but I wanted to add them anyway!
Around the time Finley was 9 months she stopped taking her morning nap at school.  They would try and try to get her to sleep but she wanted to stay up and keep an eye on things. :)  Needless to say, once she stopped taking naps on school mornings she would be completely asleep by the time we got home around 12:45!  Look at those cheeks.  They are so big they look like they could just slide right off!  Love it!!


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