Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Goodbye House

Before I post about moving day, I decided I should posts some pictures of our house in Starkville.  These are the pictures that I took for the realtor.  We were SO blessed in the selling of this house.  Literally, the first or second day that it was on the market a couple came to see it and made an offer!  Amazing!  I was sooooo nervous and overwhelmed about keeping the house "show" ready especially since Robert was already working in TN.  On top of that stress...just the stress of having to be out of the house during showings with two little ones is hard.  We were so so so thankful that it went SO fast!  And as an added blessing, they couldn't move until early May so we got to stay and finish the school year with the comfort of knowing the house was SOLD.  

The outside picture is a little blah because it was taken during winter. :)

Our kitchen.  Ah!!!  I miss this kitchen so much.  I mean, look how big and spacious!!  We were spoiled for sure.  Our new kitchen is teeny tiny compared to this. 

I miss our living room too.  Spacious and so much light!  We totally re-did the area in the front of the room.  We added the shelving and had the mantle painted white (it was dark like the kitchen cabinets).  We also had the tv part dry walled (it was a big tv "hole") and the tv mounted on the wall.  We miss this set up!

Hall bath/the girls bath

Ellington's room

Finley's room/guest room

This is the dining room that we used as a playroom.

This is looking in from the front door.  The girls bedrooms were to the left, dining room to the right, and the living room straight ahead.

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Back patio

We only lived in our White Oak Lane house for a little less than 2 years but I miss it so much!  It was a great size and had an amazing layout.  A great couple bought it so that made selling it a little easier!  

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