Monday, July 7, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014 {Part 1}

I really wish I was posting about the 4th of July weekend but instead here I am at Easter weekend.  Eek! Oh well. I am determined to catch up and not skip anything so Easter weekend it is!  We had a crazy busy Easter weekend.  Thankfully there was no school on Good Fri and Easter Mon.  Since we only went to school on Mon/Wed/Fri, we ended up having almost a whole week off.  Once we were done with school on Wed. before Easter we didn't have to go back until Wed. after Easter!  Thank goodness bc we were busy!  Thursday the girls and I headed to Olive Branch to Brad and Julie's house.  I had a meeting with a local preschool.  There wasn't a job opening, but I knew it was a good place and wanted to meet with the director in case she had an opening at some point.  Thursday evening after Robert got off work we had a walk through at our new house with our realtor to make notes about anything that the builder needed to fix or finish.  Friday we spent the day at the Memphis Zoo for the first time!  Friday evening we had supper with my parents and Robert's parents then we spent the night in Brownsville.  Saturday morning we went to Big Bob and Mimi's church Easter Egg Hunt.  Saturday afternoon Robert, Finley, and I went to a wedding in Memphis while Ellington stayed with Big Bob and Mimi.  Sunday of course was Easter.  Whew!  We packed a lot in.  The girls and I then headed back to Starkville on Monday morning.  I am going to do a few posts and this is the first one!  We loved our first trip to the Memphis Zoo and since we live here now, we got a year long pass.  Both girls did GREAT!  We had so much fun just spending time together!

I am pretty sure that Ellington was about to explode with excitement at this point!

I just love spending time with these three!  We love having new fun experiences together and are looking forward to lots of zoo trips!

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