Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Goodbye Starkville

Ah. Moving weekend. So fun.  Just kidding.  Ha!  And I wasn't even doing the hard stuff!  We started on a Friday.  My Dad and Mr. Bill Gilley came up and they completely loaded down our small truck.  They went ahead and drove the truck to Southaven and parked it at our house which is where it stayed until we closed on Tuesday. 

Ellington looooved being a helper!

Finley made sure everything was running smoothly. :)

On Saturday Reagan, Bryant, Mom, and Dad came to help load the big truck.  Wes, from our small group, came to help for awhile too.  Saturday we loaded everything and got the house nice and clean for the new owners.

We took a lunch break and headed to Little Dooey's to celebrate this guy's 60th bday!  That's right...he spent his big birthday working hard!  Such a good Dad and Pop!

Just multiply by 10! ;)

Last Little Dooey's as Starkville residents!

After lunch Ellington played with Austin at her house while we finished up.  When it was almost time to go they came over to take pictures, play in the truck, and say goodbye. :(

And there we have it...all loaded up and moved out!

We were in house limbo for a few days.  We moved out on a Saturday, closed on our old house on Monday and closed on our new house on Tuesday.  We stayed with my parents for part of the time and then stayed with Brad and Julie.  Whew!  Moving is not easy. :)  

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