Monday, July 21, 2014

Goodbye School

I was on a roll with the blog posts and then I got to the pictures of our last day of school and just stopped.  I knew it would be hard to just look at the pictures...we won't even talk about how hard it's going to be to try to put everything into words!  But, I need to do it so we can have our memories and so that I can move on. :)  Obviously, our school holds a very dear place in my heart.  It was the hardest "goodbye" of all and it's still the thing/place I miss the most.  I started working at FUMC Weekday Ministries during the spring semester of my freshman year of college which was in 2004.  I worked off and on in the afternoons as my college schedule allowed.  Fast forward to the fall of 2008 when I took my first "real" teaching job post college.  I taught 2 year olds in the Lamb Room with Mrs. Angie.  I looooved being the Lamb teacher and I loved working with Mrs. Angie.  That year was truly amazing.  I have a class of kids on MWF and a different group on T/Th.  I had the best kids and some of the parents from that bunch are still close friends.  One is actually one of my dearest Starkville friends.  That group really set a good foundation for me...not just in my first year of teaching but those were (and are!) some of my most precious relationships.  I didn't teach the next school year because Ellington was born that October.  At the time our plans were that I would stay home as a Mama indefinitely...hopefully forever.  Our plans are not always what end up happening so I returned the next school year when Ellington was 10 months old.  I was one of the teachers in her room.  It was the infant/toddler Parent's Morning Out room.  Honestly, I really really didn't like that room.  Ha.  I guess I am not a baby person.  And, being with Ellington was HARD.  She wasn't old enough to understand that I couldn't just take care of her.  There were other factors as to why that year was hard but overall...I just survived it.  After that year I was able to move downstairs (where the 3s and 4s are) and start working just 3 mornings a week.  For two years I taught 4 year olds and this last year I taught 3 year olds.  I loved being downstairs and had some GREAT teacher friends.  Most of them are my parents age so obviously I wouldn't have been friends with them otherwise but they are so dear to me!  And they all treated Ellington like their own...bringing her surprises, making her cookies, baking her favorite other words...just spoiling her!  This last year I was actually Ellington's teacher again.  I was sooo nervous about doing that but it went better than I expected.  I always thought she was sort of reserved at school (like I always was)- WRONG. She is a loud and lively ring leader.  Ha!  Here are a few pictures from our last day.  It was a sad and hard day.  I cried a few times but I am so thankful for these memories.

This is a side view of our school.  We parked in this parking lot and walked in from here every morning. Our last morning was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  Sunny and cool.  A perfect goodbye morning.

This is sweet Mrs. Kerr.  She was my "floater" helper this year but she is sooooo much more than that.  She totally took over my class the first two months of school while I was home with Finley.  She did an awesome job...I didn't have to worry about my class a bit!  She always went above and beyond to help me.  She baked us goodies.  She babysat for us.  She is such a precious person!  She actually lived in Philadelphia for a little bit and knew me while I was little bitty.  Small world!  We miss Mrs. Kerr so much!!!

This is Mrs. Keaton, one of Finley's teacher.  She is absolutely the sweetest person!  I was SO thankful to have her taking care of Finley!

This is Finley's other teacher, Mrs. Everlena.  I cannot say enough about how precious she is!  I worked with her some in college so I have known her for awhile.  I have never ever ever heard her complain.  Not once.  And ya'll, that is HARD to do when you work in childcare. :)  I know I haven't come close to that!  I have never heard her be harsh or even frustrated with a child (again, hard to do sometimes!).  I always felt 100% comfortable with Finley being with Mrs. Keaton and Mrs. Everlena....and that is saying a lot coming from me!  I am not easy to please when it comes to my kiddos. :)

My sweet little Zebra class. :)  This was our end of the year party!

I miss this sweet bunch sooooo much!  (So does Ellington!!!!)

Marris was Ellington's closest friend this year.  They were basically inseparable. They had school together on MWF mornings, dance on Tuesday mornings, and most Thursday mornings Ellington would play at Marris' house.  We were so blessed by her and her family this past year!

I LOVE these sweet girls.  
Malli Brynn, Brooklyn, Ellington, and Marris

My little bunch of Zebras.

It was such a hard morning and school is still the part of Starkville that I miss the most but I am trying to focus on the fact that we had such a precious place to be rather than the fact that it is no longer a part of our lives.  I have so many sweet friendships that I will always hold dear and I am SO thankful for the precious ladies who loved on my girls.

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