Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014 {Part 3}

Look!  The Easter Bunny found Big Bob & MiMi's house!

Ellington is obsessed with unicorns so the hooded towel in her basket got a BIG smile!

Finley went straight for the snacks. :)

I told Ellington that I wanted to take her picture outside.  She said, "Oh Mama...I know just the spot!"  She ran right to this little bunny statue and said "See?  This will be perfect for Easter!".  

Finley's 1st Easter

The rest of the family came on Sunday afternoon.  Ellington, of course, was super excited to see Connor and Brody and hunt Easter eggs!

I love this picture of Finley's one little tooth!

What a fun filled blessed Easter!

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  1. The picture of E & F in front of the flowers is SO pretty!