Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cotton District Arts Festival 2014

One of our very favorite Starkville activities is the Cotton District Arts Festival.  It was a little (or a lot!) sad this year knowing that it would be our last one as Starkville residents.  Sure, we could go again but it honestly wouldn't be the same.  Usually we like to get there pretty early before it gets hot and crowded.  But, Finley needed a morning nap so we had to do that first.  We got there right as it was getting REALLY busy. I am talking shoulder to shoulder you can't move kind of crowded.  Um, not so much fun.  Overall it was kind of a bust this year.  Honestly it had more to do with our timing getting there than anything.  I am glad we got to go one last time though!

Ready to roll!

Ellington really enjoyed the children's village!

We had what I like to call "The Great Face Painting Disaster of 2014".  There was a lady there doing really extensive face paintings.  They were really beautiful.  I asked Ellington if she wanted to do it and of course she wanted to!  We waited for a second but then realized it would be awhile so we decided to go eat lunch first.  We came back to get in line again and ya'll....they lady was painting SO SLOW.  Every move she made was SO SLOW.  It was crazy.  There were tons of kids ahead of us.  We begged and pleaded with Ellington to just give up but she really wanted to wait.  I offered her anything she wanted.  Seriously.  I did.  It was going to take AT LEAST an hour to get to our turn.  Maybe longer.  Probably longer.  I strolled Finley while Robert and Ellington wait in line.  Robert was dying.  I was dying.  The line was in the sun and super hot.  I was chatting with a friend when Robert and E came walking up.  I wondered how in the world he got her to give up.  He told me that he promised her ice cream.  I was surprised that ice cream was all that it took. When Robert walked away Ellington confessed that he also promised to buy her a surprise.  Ha!  I knew there had to me something more.  It was a desperate parenting moment for sure.

As things often wasn't the perfect day I was picturing but we had fun and survived!  

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  1. That's definitely one thing about bigger kids vs 1-2 yo. They don't forget! it's harder to talk them into something else without a huge meltdown. And then you kick yourself for mentioning it.