Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Just Us Girls

It's so funny...even though Robert was gone during the week for THREE MONTHS...I don't really remember it.  Ha!  It is kind of like child birth and those first few just kind of forget.  I think I was in survival mode.  I did what had to be done to make it to bedtime and ultimately to Friday when Robert would come home!  Praise the Lord it passed quickly and we all survived!  Here are just a few pictures of the days of just being us girls at home.

Finley's 1st graham cracker.

These girls are so crazy. :)  We miss having Austin right next door!!!

Around this time...sometime in March I think...we moved Finley out of her "baby" carseat to her big girl carseat.  She loves it soooo much more.  I think the other one laid her back a lot more and she didn't like that at all! (Also note: during this time we had a major issue with her scratching her face all of the time!  It was terrible.  She always looked like she had been in a fight and people would make rude comments about it! Ugh!)

Bath time was DEFINITELY the hardest part of Robert being gone.  I won't say how many baths we averaged in a week, but I will tell you this wasn't many.  Oops.  One night Ellington wanted to take over for me!  And she has on a swimming suit because it came in the mail that day so of course she had to wear it!

Ya'll know I love matchy matchy!

They wore these dresses to school one day.  Why save fancy just for Sunday?!

Sweet girl!

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  1. LOL! Silly girls! Ok, looking back through your blog... I'm obsessed with the pic of your 2 girls at Easter! I hope you frame that one!!!! It is so great!