Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fair 2011 {The First of Several Posts}

First of all, let me say that I'm tired.  Like really really tired.  We (Ellington and I) spent 9 nights at the great Neshoba County Fair.  Robert was only able to stay the weekend, but Ellington and I rocked it out July 21st-30th.  We had FUN, but we were both exhausted by the end of the week!!!  Right when we got back I had to hit the ground running getting ready for school.  I have spent the past two days working on my classroom.  My room is in decent shape now.  We have Open House tomorrow morning so I'll get to meet all my new kids and their parents.  Anyway, back the fair.  Ya'll...I took a lot of pictures.  I am not sure how I am going to blog about the whole thing because it will probably bore you to death, but we'll just start at the beginning and see where we end up!

We spent Thursday night at the fair, but the fair didn't officially start until Friday.  Ellington got a little early morning playing in while it was a little muddy outside.  (Let me go ahead and say that it rained A LOT the two days prior to the fair and continued through the weekend.  The fair consists of dirt roads.  To say it was muddy would be an understatement.  MUDDY.)

Hanging out on the porch is a big part of the fair.  Ellington had her own little chair this year!

Even though the ground was completely wet, Ellington got out and got busy.  She was a mess by the time she was done, but she didn't seem to mind!

Reagan got there Friday evening and brought bubbles!  
(I love how Ellington's mouth is mimicking Reagan's)

Our first wagon ride of the fair!

Our cabin row

The first (of many) trips to the Exhibit Hall.  I took Ellington to the Exhibit Hall a lot because she could run around and not worry about the mud!

What are they all looking at??!!

....This BIG watermelon!!!  I think it weighed 140 something pounds.

On Friday night after supper we went down the rodeo for a little bit.  Ellington LOVED seeing the horses and the cows!

So, that's the beginning of our great fair week!  I'll be back with more soon!

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