Friday, August 5, 2011

Fair 2011 {Monday & Tuesday}

Monday is a pretty low key day at the least around our cabin.  In fact, they only pictures I took the whole day were of Ellington watching a DVD and coloring!  It was good to have a low key day after a busy weekend.

On Tuesday morning they always have a Veteran's program at the fair.  My grandfather is always very involved with this program, so we went to support him.  He's the second from the left in the picture below!

Ellington had a great time playing in the sawdust during the program.  Until the 21 gun salute, that is!  Yeah, she wasn't a big fan of that! :(  She screamed through the whole playing of Taps.  It kinda ruined the mood.  I hope no one was annoyed with her! 

Ellington LOVED playing with Emerson's toys.  Someone else's toys are always MUCH more interesting than your own!

On Tuesday evening I got brave and decided to take Ellington and Emerson out on my own. :)  Bryant and LeAnna cooked supper Tuesday night, so I thought it would be helpful to have Emerson out for a bit!  We all survived and I can handle two at once pretty least for 30-45 minutes anyway!

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