Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fair 2011 {Thursday and Friday}

Hey everybody, it's Thursday of the fair!

Thursday morning we attempted to go hear my main man speak (Mississippi Governor Hayley Barbour), but it was really crowded and Ellington wasn't very content in the stroller.  So I didn't get to do my usual governor stalking with Reagan and attempt to get our picture taken.  From what I remember (although after awhile it all runs together), we just had a slow morning at the cabin.

Sister self portrait 

After lunch on Thursday Reagan, Charleigh and I took Ellington to the barn to see the goats and sheep.  We stopped on our way through the midway for a picture.  The ride behind us (where the people are in the air) always mesmerized Ellington...understandably so.  I would LOVE to ride it if it were at an amusement park, but a traveling carnival that is put together and taken apart a million times....not so much.

After visiting the animals we wanted to let Ellington watch a horse race, but we were a little early.  Lucky for us there were a few horses out warming up!

Family picture!

Ellington was giving Emerson kisses through the glass

It's finally Friday!  I'll be honest, by Friday I was pretty d.o.n.e.  Nine nights at the fair with a toddler (most without Robert) wore me out.  I actually contemplated leaving on Friday rather than staying the night a truly finishing out the fair, but I had come so far and didn't want to give up!  :)  We still had a great day and I'm glad we didn't leave!

This is the other enormous watermelon at the Exhibit Hall.  I think this one weighed around 160 pounds!  Ellington always wanted to visit the watermelons (and pat them!) so we had to visit one last time.

Reagan with her niece and nephew

Well that finally wraps up this year's fair!  We had a blast and can't wait for next year!

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