Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fair 2011 {Saturday & Sunday}

We'll pick right back up with Saturday morning!
Below was Ellington's chair when she sat inside to eat (usually only for breakfast or if it was raining).  She loved sitting in the big chair!  When it was time to eat she would climb right up in it!

Playtime with Bryant and Emerson!

Saturday morning of the fair we always go to the flea market.  We love it and it's one of our favorite activities.  This year we bought LOTS of bows! :)
One fun thing about the fair is that we enjoy most of our meals outside.  Such a fun treat for Ellington!

Even Emerson got to eat outside!

Saturday afternoon we had a big rain. :(  It eventually tapered off and we went to our relatives cabin for a fish fry.  It's always my favorite meal of the week!  After the fish fry we went to the square for a little bit to listen to some music.  It was WET and GROSS.

In an effort to rally a little bit and not get too disappointed about the weather, Robert, Ellington, and I rode the ferries wheel!  Ellington wasn't too sure what to think about it!

On Sunday morning we made our first trip to the petting barn.  The chickens were Ellington's favorite.

Strolling down muddy streets :)

We also stopped by the Exhibit Hall so Ellington could run some more!

Sunday afternoon we went to the Pots & Pans concert.  A guy played guitar and sang songs while the kids banged on pots and pans.  It was fun, but it was during nap time so Ellington was a little out of it!

On Sunday evening my home church's choir always sings at the square.  Ellington only lasted a few songs before I needed to take her out from under the pavilion to play.  I am pretty sure it's every Neshoba County parent's dream to see their child play in the sawdust at the square.  It's amazing by the way. 

We knew (another) huge rain storm was on it's way.  My dad was keeping check of it on his phone because we really wanted to let Ellington ride some rides Sunday night because Robert was leaving on Monday.  We realized we needed to go right away, so we left the program early.  We only got 2 rides in before it started POURING, but I was so happy that Robert got to see her ride!

This was Ellington's first time to ride alone, so I wasn't sure how she was going to do.  She didn't mind at all!

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