Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Weekend

Our weekends have been very laid back lately which is a HUGE blessing since football season is about to start up. Living in Starkville, the weekends can get a little crazy. On Saturday morning after our usual trip to Shipleys Donuts we decided to do a little bit of rearranging at home. I had a white book shelf in our extra room that was CRAMMED with children's books. The space wasn't well utilized and we didn't have a very good system for Ellington's toys, so I cleaned off the shelf, moved it into our living room, and created a place for Ellington's toys. We love the way it turned out!

As I was dusting on Saturday morning I saw that Ellington was very interested in what I was doing.  I grabbed a rag for her to "help" me and she LOVED it!  She was so happy cleaning everything in sight.  I don't know why I hadn't thought of this earlier!  She also loves helping me with the laundry these days....although that usually results in it taking three times as long. :)  At least she is willing and eager!

While I was taking ALL of my children's books off the shelf I discovered the book "Princess Baby" that someone had given me at a baby shower.  I put it away before Ellington was born since it wasn't a board book and I had forgotten about it.  I knew she would love it and sure enough....I read it OVER and OVER on Saturday.  It's her new favorite!

The other big thing Ellington did this weekend was use this wooden hotdog as her microphone and sing all.weekend.long.  It has been sooooooo funny.  Her friend Katelyn used it as a microphone when she was over playing on Thursday morning so that gave Ellington the idea.  She has been carrying it around and singing ever since!  Her favorite song to sing into the microphone is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".  It's absolutely precious!


  1. So glad that you have had a good weekend. Love you all.

  2. ha! the microphone cracks me up! :) she is such a sweetie. we skipped out on donuts saturday. we were lazy. ha!