Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday Love Day

Thursday was our first "stay home" day since starting school and our new schedule!  The first rule of stay home day was to stay in our pjs as long as possible.  Thursday was a great day to have at home because it was majorly thunder-storming.  I felt bad for all of my other teacher friends who had to go to work! 

I want to be more intentional with my time at home with Ellington rather than just getting by until nap time (you Mamas know what I mean!).   So, I decided to try some new things so we would both stay entertained. :)

Ellington started off the day taking care of Lion and Lambie.  They are her sleeping buddies that must have escaped from the crib!

We decided to make cupcakes for Daddy!  I have never let Ellington help me cook before.  I guess that's a little sad, but anyway.  She was SO excited to be my helper!!  Also, the cupcake mix and cupcake liners/toppers are left over from VALENTINES DAY!  Ha!  (Don't worry...nothing had expired...I checked!)  I got them to make for Valentine's, but I think I ended up with the stomach virus or something.  Ellington was staying with my parents so she wouldn't get sick.  I figured we might as well use the stuff now!

While the cupcakes were in the oven, Ellington made her Daddy a card.

And while the cupcakes were cooling we played under the carport (it was still raining) with sidewalk chalk.  This was her first time to do sidewalk chalk at home and we've had it since April or so!  
(See....I'm trying new things and trying to be intentional.  Finally using the cupcake mix and chalk that I bought in early 2011!  Better late than never, I guess!)

Yummy!  Ellington had already eaten an un-iced cupcake for her morning snack!

I also cut out little hearts and wrote messages on them for Robert and Ellington colored them.  This was Robert's little surprise when he woke up Thursday afternoon:

A note about sugar.....  I haven't been eating carbs or sugar for about a month (with the exception of the fair!).  While I was icing the cupcakes I thought to myself, "Man, this really looks good" and so I ate some of the icing.  Straight icing.  Ya'll....sugar is CRAZY.  Not long after eating the icing (probably more than I should have) everything started kind of spinning.  I now know what a "sugar high" means.  It was so crazy.  I have never felt like that before.  I don't now what being drunk feels like, but I think I could have been close yesterday with the icing!

Our day was super great and I'm so happy that I only work 3 mornings now instead of 5.  It's such a treat!


  1. hey footed pajama mama!!!
    we're on the hunt for 2 solid red footed PJs for the kids halloween costumes this year.....i remember you posting about all of the footies you have found for ellington, of course, now that i am in search of one, i can't find one. i may have to wait until closer to fall when they start putting out christmas stuff, but i was wondering if you happened to have any suggestions of where i could look...

  2. Something fun and EASY you can cook together is little biscuit pizzas. Use canned biscuits. Press them out flat on a cookie sheet (E can do that part with a little help). Spoon on some sauce. Add cheese and pepperoni. She can put most of the toppings on herself, too. We also do regular big pizzas like this for supper sometimes too. The girls are "expert" pizza chefs :)