Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites {Snack Cup}

Ah, the snack cup.  We LOVE this snack cup.  It is perfect for Ellington's little hands to hold and it prevents (most) spilling.  It definitely comes in the most handy in the car.  Ellington isn't allowed to have it just any old time, but it's great for longer car rides and occasionally around the house.

We have found ourselves using it A LOT more in the past few days.  Ellington had the stomach virus last Saturday.  She ate very little for about 5 days total and ate almost nothing at all for 2 of those days.  She is certainly making it for it now!  The last couple of days Ellington has eaten almost every bite at all three meals and her two scheduled snacks (mid morning and after her afternoon nap) has been asking for a "snack" in between all of that.  So, rather than have her in her highchair the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY, she has been using her snack cup around the house more than usual. 

The snack up is a fantastic invention that I give two thumbs way up!

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  1. We LOVE those snack cups too! They're especially great on mornings when he is taking his sweet time eating his Cheerios and we need to get going. I scoop up his remaining Cheerios, and he eats in the car during my commute!