Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites {Background Music}

I am the kind of person who always like to have some kind of noise going on in the background.  Perhaps it's from watching too much tv in my formative years, but whatever the case....silence makes me a little nutty.  I even sleep with a white noise machine.  In fact, I can't sleep without it.  Must.have.noise.

I have tried to significantly reduce the amount of time that the television is on.  That leaves me with a lot of silence.  Enter today's "Friday Favorite"....Pandora.  My personal favorite station to listen to is the Amos Lee station.  However, Ellington and I both enjoy the Raffi station.  If you have kids, the Raffi station is DELIGHTFUL!  It's not annoying to me which is a huge plus when it comes to children's music. :)  I know most people already do Pandora, but if you don' should! 

 Once you choose a station....turn the music up loud, put your tutu on, and DANCE!!!!

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