Monday, August 8, 2011

A New Chapter

We have started a new chapter in our lives.  Ellington and I are now experiencing a little time apart from each other.  Ellington's first year of life we stayed home and last year I was one of the teacher in her Parent's Morning Out Room.  This year I am teaching 4 year olds Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings and Ellington is in her own little class.  To say this is a big deal is an understatement. :)  I LOVE and trust Ellington's teachers dearly, but she's my baby.  So yeah, it's a really big deal!  Ellington will definitely be going M-W mornings.  I have a spot available on Friday mornings for her if there's ever a week when I need to take her so I can have time alone (dr. appt., etc.).  I don't plan to take her every Friday, but it's there just in case.  Last week we had Open House on Wednesday and school started Thursday.  Since my class is M-W I didn't start until today.  I decided to take Ellington on Friday so that both of our first days wouldn't be the same day.  I knew I would be nervous enough about my class without being doubly worried about her.

August 5, 2011
First day of Parent's Morning Out

How precious is she with her little backpack on?  She was so proud to carry it herself!

I dropped Elligton off and she started screaming.  :(  I was holding it together ok, but then I saw a teacher I use to work with every day.  She could tell I wasn't ok and asked what was wrong.  I said, "She's crying" and burst into tears.  As in....tears ROLLING down my face.  I pulled it together and quickly left. :)  Before I even got out of the parking lot Ellington's sweet teacher called me and said she was perfectly fine and happy!  When I picked her up she was in the best mood and so wound up that it took her over an hour to fall asleep at nap time.

Friday night Robert didn't have to work.  Yay!!!!!  We rarely get that treat anymore, so it was very exciting!  As we were gearing up to put Ellington to bed and we decided, "Let's go get ice cream!".  I am not a spur of the moment person and I am pretty strict about sticking to bedtimes, but we decided to live on the edge. :)

We love Bops, but they only have outdoor seating and it has been too hot for that lately.  (It's just terrible when it's too hot for ice cream!)  Friday night was super pleasant and we enjoyed sitting outside.  We both got something we have never tried...the cookie sundae.  It was delicious!

After we came back....way past bed time and on a sugar high...we all played on Mommy and Daddy's bed!  What a perfect ending. :)

Today I had my class for the first day and it went great!  Last year I taught infants and toddlers.  This was a walk in the park compared to that. :)  I will have to do a TON more prep work and outside the classroom work, but the actual school day is so much easier and less stressful.  Ellington also did GREAT today!  She seems to really love going to her  new classroom all by her big girl self. :) 

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  1. I am so thankful that she had a good day at "school". Glad you did, too, on Monday.