Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Did I Let This Happen?

Before I had a baby (when I was the perfect parent) and even most of Ellington's life, I have very firmly wanted to stay away from commercialized things.  You know, all the popular characters and all the "stuff" that goes along with them.  I suppose I thought we were going to be better than all of that.  We weren't going to buy into all of the overpriced toys and clothes that are essentially meaningless.  Fast forward to this very night.  Here is how my sweet girl dressed for bed....

Minnie Mouse!  Oops!  Ellington LOVES Mickey Mouse and all of his friends...LOVES LOVES LOVES them.  As a Mama, it's fun to see things through Ellington's eyes and watch her enjoyment.  I suppose now I actually encourage her love for these characters!  I honestly NEVER would have thought I would buy her character pjs.  But ya'll.....we saw them half price at Tuesday Morning and baby's face lit up.  Not only did we purchase them, but E got to stay up later so we could get them washed and dried before bed.  She's thrilled....and so am I.  And guess what, we're even having a Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday party.  WHAT??!!  A CHARACTER PARTY??!!  Yep.  She's going to LOVE IT and so am I.  Moral of the story:  Don't say never. 

One more thing on this subject (you must ignore my earlier moral).....Ellington will NEVER wear character shoes. ;)  (I am REALLY serious about that!)

The following pictures have nothing to do with what I am discussing, but I included them just because.  Ellington thinks it's hilarious when Gus gets a bath.  It's one of her favorite activities. 

Last night Robert went to work at 5:30 pm (the time he's usually going in these days) and I thought there was NO way I was going to make it to bed time with Ellington.  I knew we needed some kind of activity or we would both go crazy.  We decided to mix up some mini muffins.  Unfortunately the bottoms got a little burned so Ellington spits them out.  Ha!  They might not be good, but it kept us busy!

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