Monday, February 4, 2013

The Perfect Tree

Before I begin my Christmas blogging, I will say that December was hard. I felt terrible for pretty much the whole month. This did 2 things: it made me want to do/participate in nothing and then I felt guilty for not wanting to do anything. I felt like I was letting Robert and Ellington down. Robert, of course, insisted that this was not the case, but I felt bad about it anyway. When thinking about having a baby I think most people think about when they would like the baby to born and when they would like to endure the 3rd trimester (in other words...not August in Mississippi). Something I hadn't ever thought about was attempting to plan the first trimester. Let me just say... experiencing it during Christmas is not much fun. :( And to be really honest, I don't remember a lot of December! What I do know is that little Ellington had a great Christmas and really, that's all that matters to me. :)

The first Saturday of December brought one of our favorite traditions:  donuts at Shipleys and picking out our Christmas tree!

It didn't take us long to find the perfect tree.  (At least, that's what Robert just said.  Ya'll, I really don't remember this experience.  Ha.  I only know I was there because someone had to take these pictures!)

Robert got the tree in with the help of our neighbor and then spent the afternoon working on the lights.  That evening while watching football, we decorated the tree.  Ellington was in HEAVEN.  Literally, it was one of her favorite things ever.  I wish we only had ornaments that weren't breakable so she could have done then all! :)

So, two nights after we completed the tree I was already in bed (hello pregnancy tiredness!) and I heard a HUGE crash.  Robert came in and told me the whole tree just fell over.  And fall over it had.  It was the biggest mess/disaster ever.  There were shattered ornaments, pine needles, and water everywhere!  I wasn't strong enough to hold it up with Robert tried to fix it at the base.  Thankfully our sweet neighbors were still up and were able to come help us!  They helped us get it all cleaned up and then stayed and chatted for awhile.  I was so glad they were here to help mainly because it broke the tension Robert and I were experiencing!  We will probably never forget the year that our tree fell down!   


  1. Yay new blog post! And these 2 were exceptionally fun. :) All the family pics from Thanksgiving turned out really well - I like the picture of Bib Bob and Mimi with all their grandkids!

  2. First trimesters can be brutal and debilitating. Hope you're feeling better. You must be if you're blogging.

    Your tree falling sounds awful because of the timing.

  3. I never thought about planning the first trimester either. The summer part, yeah! I was so sick. I do think about it now and I'm like "I couldn't be as tired and sick as I was with my toddler." I hope it's over now. I'm so glad you are catching up!