Thursday, February 21, 2013

Boy or Girl?

Tuesday afternoon Robert and I found out what our baby is! :)  It was such a special time that I am so glad we were able to enjoy together!  We are having a party tomorrow to announce to our family what the baby is.  Many people have asked why we didn't wait and find out at the party too.  That was originally my plan, but then I decided that it wasn't the way I really wanted to do it.  It is really really helpful to me to be able to see the baby on the screen and have the tech clearly show me what the baby is.  It helps me to believe it more.  Like, if I just found out at the party I think I would always wonder if it was really true.  Even a picture isn't the same as seeing it during the ultrasound.  Plus, I don't know what my emotions would be like when I found out and it would be awkward to me to deal with in front of people.  So, we are having the best of both worlds- Robert and I found out together at the doctor's office and we get to share the news with everyone together.  Obviously I am MOST excited about telling Ellington.  So, check back here for a full party report sometime over the weekend. :)


  1. Iiiiii'm readaaaayyyy!

  2. That's so fun. I love that you had your special finding out together time. We found out right before Christmas. I wanted them to put it in an envelope and we open it privately. But I just couldn't wait any longer. And it would be hard to hide the emotions. I'm ready for the details post!